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scorpion facts
  • One scorpion can have a brood of 5 to 35 babies
  • There are known to be more than 1500 scorpion species


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We at Scorpion Masterâ„¢ are dedicated to innovating the best products for "Scorpion Solutions". Living in Arizona we know scorpions and the battle that homeowners have to fight to protect themselves from these poisonous insects. The first battle to win is "detection". If you can find the scorpions then you can kill them before they invade your home. Scorpions come out at night because they think they can't be seen and are therefore safe to look for food/water. Because Scorpions fluoresce (glow) under a ULTRA VIOLET BLACKLIGHT they now can be hunted at night. Since one scorpion can have over 100 babies it is important to actively detect them at night regularly.


Scorpion Master UV LED Flashlights are the best portable blacklight you can use to win the scorpion war. Our high quality blacklight flashlights are lightweight durable and easy to use. And because we have the best prices on the internet - you can afford to get 2 or 3 flashlights (one for the bedroom, one for the kitchen, and one for the living room). Keep checking back with us as we plan to introduce several NEW SCORPION SOLUTIONS in 2009!